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BASES Supervised Experience (SE) aims to provide sport and exercise scientists with the guidance, environment and opportunities that will facilitate the development of the competencies expected for BASES accreditation as a sport and exercise scientist. SE is therefore a key stepping stone to a career as a sport and exercise scientist.  Individuals registered for SE shall be entitled to use the name ‘Probationary Sport and Exercise Scientist’ until accredited or for a maximum period of six years.  SE can be completed in a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 years; students must undertake at least 500 supervised hours, with no less than 400 of these hours carried out in their main domain (e.g., psychology).  Up to 150 of these hours can be backdated, but must have been completed within 5 years of registering on the scheme, and cannot fall below 3rd year undergraduate level.

Entry Requirements

The following are the requirements for entry on to this scheme as set out by BASES:

  • Must be a BASES Member.
  • Must hold a BASES Undergraduate Endorsement Scheme (BUES) recognised undergraduate degree in sport and exercise science or equivalent in an appropriate subject.
  • Applicants holding a non-BUES degree in sport and exercise are still eligible to apply (see Supervised Experience FAQs below).
  • Must have Professional Liability Insurance.
  • Must confirm their post-graduate training status- i.e., provide evidence either to show the award of, or current registration for a relevant higher degree or equivalent.
  • Must have the agreement of a supervisor who is on the BASES Supervisor Register.

Please click on Supervised Experience FAQs for further information.


  • Interdisciplinary (Scientific Support)


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