Our commitment

SPC is fully committed to creating safer training and learning environments that promote well-being and security for all our clients and staff.  In particular, we have a professional duty to provide children and vulnerable adults with appropriate safety and protection. As the welfare of the child and vulnerable adult is paramount, we are committed to providing safe equipment and facilities so that children and vulnerable adults may participate in courses/programmes in a secure environment.  We promote ethical behaviour, providing children and vulnerable adults with a sense of being valued. On this basis, we aim to ensure safe recruitment practices are always followed, to establish the suitability of personnel to work with children and/or vulnerable adults.

We ensure safety by:

  • Having robust Health and Safety procedures in place;
  • Adhering to safer recruitment practices;
  • Ensuring students and clients are aware of their Health and Safety duties;
  • Ensuring all staff are trained in safeguarding and that clients are aware of safeguarding arrangements.


Any allegations will be taken seriously and dealt with as soon as practicable, in line with our safeguarding policy.  The Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Officer (Phil Watkins) is responsible for conducting any investigation and demonstrating the results if the child and/or vulnerable abuse is suspected to be committed by a member of SPC staff. Throughout this procedure, records will be maintained and kept securely and confidentially, separately from the learners’ file.  The Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Officer will make a report to the authorities on any allegation, which places a child or vulnerable adult in danger.